Monday, February 7, 2011

"Waste Disposal: Turning Garbage into Gas"

[As i embark on my first post as a contributer to the lovely Econstu i think i might use the nature of this article to set an overall environmental theme for future posts. Being a large part of my interests here at Vassar as an economics and STS major i'll try to merge the two together and bring you guys info on not just a contemporary but very "hot" issue in economics.]

ANYWAYS, without further dealy here is an article describing a new way for the average joe (potentially) to think about how our garbage is used for energy. With everyone "going green" and all, businesses related to profiting from the transformation of trash are emerging just as fast as the technology behind them.

Thus if you're interested at all on new technologies for solving said problem, other than just plane-old slow and costly composting, check this piece out. After all, as we know from micro 101, cost minimization is the name of the game and a company with such a new technology for creating energy (and creating it especially from garbage), would definitely be worth a look.

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