Monday, August 29, 2011

Efficiency in Movement

That very small group of EconStu devotees might have noticed that said blog has been silent for the past few days. It was so because your humble blogger was in the process of moving. Not merely the verb, by definition, but I, along with my mother and father, put all of my belongings into boxes, left my keys behind, and took someone else's keep as my own. Yes, we "moved."

From the packing of the first boxes to the final unpacking, I'd estimate the process will take around 2 and a half weeks. In the grand scheme of life, that's not a long time, however I can't help but feel that things could be done more efficiently. Of course, it could be done A LOT more quickly if we had some absurd technological advancements (teleportation, anyone?), but barring that, here's my proposal:

First, a professional of some sort takes multiple photographs of each room in your house, making sure to capture all the "objects" that need to be transported. Those images are uploaded to a computer, and the objects are marked. The computer, using the angles in the pictures, gives the dimensions of the objects. Next it runs an algorithm to determine the quickest, most efficient use of box and truck space for everything. That way, instead of haphazardly throwing shit into boxes, you know, "Things A, B, C, and D go in this box, etc..."

I'm just not sure if this is cost efficient. How expensive is a computer program like that?


  1. On the other hand, I feel reluctant to reduce all my life to efficient programs. I want to feel, struggle, and take control- Jen

  2. Have you tried moving from one house to another? You can move for me next time, if you like.