Monday, August 22, 2011

Michele Bachmann, Stop Speaking

Some of you might have heard Michele Bachmann's pledge to bring gas prices down to their 2008 levels. That, for those of you who have forgotten, was somewhere around $2.00 a gallon. She says we're a "can-do" nation. Well, the problem with that logic is, you cannot just make prices be something.

So, as the rest of the world, particularly China and India, demands more oil, what do you think happens to the price of oil and gas? If you said, "Goes up," then you're not Michele Bachmann. Perhaps she's going to ask those nations' leaders to "make demand fall?" I have a solution. If you want to lower prices, just set a price ceiling at $2.00. Here's what will happen: The price of gas WILL NOT exceed $2.00 a gallon, and there will be an ENORMOUS shortage of gas, as suppliers will provide much less than what is demanded. Because who wouldn't rather have cheap, unavailable gas than market-priced gas?

The real sad thing is that she is a serious political contender. Somehow in this system, you can say something so asinine, something that displays your ignorance of key matters so profoundly, and STILL be viable. Sure, a few angry bloggers and some newspapers will ridicule her, but the beat goes on...

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